The Chosen

Watch a TV Channel – dedicated to showing the life of Jesus.

Settle in for a great night’s TV. A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt, a troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A gifted publican ostracized by his family and his people. A religious leader struggling with his beliefs. See Jesus through the eyes of those that met him.

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The Chosen: Watch the life of Jesus in this fantastic free online series.

Overview of The Chosen

This three-part series starts with Jesus meeting his disciples all from different backgrounds. Jesus meets with Mary Magdalene and resorts her worth in society, meets the fishermen as well as various others, including the infamous tax collector Matthew.

The second series sees Jesus moving around the area, attracting a great following. We see his various miracles but also his controversial teachings of a new life, starting with him. His miracles, power over nature, as well as the ability to forgive sins, start to get him in trouble with the local religious leaders.

The third series sees Jesus attracting a much larger following, but now with opposition from the Romans and the religious leaders who would seek his final death. However, this shows that man’s plans are nothing compared to God’s and the fulfilment of his promise – to send a saviour into the world who will lead all men and women to him

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