How to check your life balance

We all know how to check our bank balance, but do you know how to check your Life Balance?

This is a simple exercise. It can be used a few ways.

  • Simply check ‘how are you doing in the most important areas of your life?
  • To help motivate people before and after they’ve made a decision to quit something which has held them back for years (such as debt, alcohol or drugs addictions)

But it could be useful for people considering a career change, moving house to a new location or any situation which will impact your daily life.

How to make your own life chart

Simply list the measures shown in the table, and give yourself a score based on the criteria shown at the bottom of this page. Then compare them some time afterwards. The chart below shows them in a circle – but it doesn’t really matter, the most important thing is to see how honest you are with your current situation and to be able to compare ‘like for like’ with something that has changed significantly in your life.

The table below shows how life changed before and after.

Positive / Resourcefulness510
Physical Wellbeing58
5 Year Outlook68
Use the life chart to show where things got better (or worse)

It’s meant to be fun, so regardless of the outcome, think of a reward for yourself before and after doing the test. It is meant to span the months from when life was ‘normal’ before – to ‘normal’ afterwards.

For example, if you have had long term addictions, then do the chart before actually stopping. Then revisit it some time afterwards, such as 3 months. The time in between isn’t the subject of this test and there are some resources on which may help.

Keep the chart private – it’s for you. Also – if you score 0 or 10 then ask yourself if that’s true? If you are alive and breathing and reading this – then it’s not ‘0’. Likewise, for 10, is there any room for improvement? Life is dynamic so things get better and worse and that’s life. Try to evaluate yourself when you’re calm and undisturbed.

If any of the values below don’t apply, try to find an equivalent. Otherwise miss in out. The least it can get to is a self-sufficient hermit (with internet access). However, since some overlap, try to draw a line between them. For example, if you share an income, then put it in ‘Finances’ and concentrate on your ‘Family’ relationship.

For all of them try to think of a minimum of three things to be grateful for.

How are your relationships with partners, parents, siblings or children? Are the relationships ‘good’ or ‘toxic’. Are there areas where you can build a bridge, areas you could encourage.

Physical Wellbeing
How’s your health? Do you feel young or old? Do you ‘dance out of bed’ or feel like your stuck to the mattress?

Do you live to your financial limit or save for a rainy day? This is not about your bank balance but more about your attitude to money. Does money have a positive or negative impact on the other areas listed?

Five year outlook
Are there dark clouds looming or can you see yourself in 5 years time? If so how do you feel about it? Are there small issues now which could grow to make a difference?

If you spend a large proportion of your life at work then it will have an impact on your life in general. Does it feel worthwhile or is it simply a means to an end? Are their opportunities for personal growth – and if so, would you take them? Would you want to start your own business (on the side)? Can you help others at work?

What’s your home environment like? Do you feel secure? Is it a mess? Are there countless small jobs which you put-off. When you get home, how do you feel?

Friends and Community
We’re meant to be social. We all need friendship and companionship. How are those friendships in terms of numbers or more importantly quality? Does your social circle inspire you. Do your friends bring you energy or take it away?

Positivity and Resourcefulness
How do you deal with life’s hardships? Are you easily deterred from picking yourself up? Do you find positive alternatives when things go wrong or do you shy away from being hurt twice?

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