Drugs and Addictions

It might seem a bit strange having articles on doogle.com about truth, religion, belief and faith – and at the same time a section dedicated to addictions.

However, there is a very strong connection between the two:
– Both offer an alternative version of reality
– Both are a mindset which is ‘true’ to the individual but seems obviously false to the casual observer

Don’t believe us? Well, how many times have you seen someone ‘under the influence’ and thought “I wish I was like them?”. They may think they’re having a great time but you can see they’re not. Likewise, circular logic and reverse reasoning can mean you talk with someone about their faith but they’re not really interested since they’ve made up their mind.

With drugs or alcohol, as you go through life, the perceived benefit from a drug goes down whilst the addiction goes up. Tolerance requires more of the drug, and the person requires more to get the same perceived benefit.

The steepness of the lines depends on the drug and the individual, but the lines always are the same.

Over time the paths cross.

What happens when the lines cross?

Well at this point ‘life goes pear-shaped’ and the person believes they need the drug but the benefits by now are just an illusion. The ‘good times’ they had early on have gone.

When you see an advert for gambling and it says ‘when the fun stops – stop’, well, it would have stopped a long time ago. When you see a man on the street homeless and think ‘it could never be me’, thank goodness it isn’t – but the same person may have thought the exact same thing only a few years ago.

All things in moderation

A common response is to say ‘all things in moderation’. This is fine for some – maybe they’re one of the lucky ones, life just dealt them better cards. It could be they’re just earlier in the same process.

But for some, an addiction grows in the same way as you get old. There’s no noticeable change from day to day but there’s no going back to being young. Fortunately with addictions, once you quit you will start to be healthier and you may look younger too!

Illustration of showing how the perceived benefit of using drugs or alcohol goes down, whilst the addiction goes up.

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