The books of The Bible explained

The Christian Bible is the world’s best-selling book. This guide gives a quick crash course.

This brief guide briefly lists the books of the Bible and what’s in them. Reading the Bible can seem daunting at first, so has given a simple guide here.

This article is waiting for input from another author who is away at the time of writing. Below is just a simple ‘placeholder’ for what to expect.

Name of the BookDescriptionHow this book points to Jesus
GenesisHow God made the Earth (separating mass and energy, a bit like E=-mc2). The world came into existence at a known time and Adam was the only human born without natural parents. Adam and Eve sinned causing the world to fall into chaos and mankind was cut off from God.Mankind was separated from God caused by Adam. Jesus was the only other person born without human parents and restored the relationship with God.
PsalmsVarious small poems which are lovely for reflecting on life’s best and worst times.Psalms 2, 22 and 110 refer to the coming chosen one of God.
IsaiahHow a man would come but suffer even though he was innocent. He would take on himself the punishment for everyone who has ever lived. He would die but after this, he would have restored the relationship with God.Jesus lived a sinless life and died a cruel and horrible death. By his own choice, he remained silent throughout. His resurrection restored the relationship with God.
[Various]Quite a lot of books such as Jonah (3 days in the deep) and Hosea (who had to marry a prostitute). David and Goliath, Daniel and Esther etc.
Some books only make sense once you’ve read other books (a bit like the Star Wars spin-off series).
Many references to someone who would come, die and rise again, who would defeat sin and evil etc.
New Testament
Matthew, Mark, Luke and JohnThese are the ‘Gospels’ which tell directly about the life of Jesus Christ from eyewitness accounts.These 4 books are written about Jesus directly.
ActsLife for the early followers of Jesus. The removal of religious boundaries and the persecution of early Christians.Acts really follows on from Luke. However, this shows that people changed radically and were prepared to live and die* for Jesus.
[Various]Books often written by Paul who was a religious fanatic whos life changed completely after meeting Jesus in a vision.
Books of the Bible explained

*In Acts Chapter 7, Stephen gives a ‘crash course’ to the Bible. It’s before he is killed so he may have been trying to stall things.

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