Tell me why I don’t like Mondays . . .

“Tell me why I don’t like Mondays” sang Bob Geldof in the Boomtown Rats and continued “…what reason do you need to die?”

Well, most people have no reason, most people choose to live a life as long and happy as possible.

But what would you do if:
• You knew when you were going to die?
• You knew where it would happen?
• You knew how it would happen?

The most obvious response would be to make sure you were nowhere near that place at that time.

Jesus knew where, when and how he was going to die but still went through with it. Why did he do this? Because it was love which held him to the cross – and not nails.
Most people never have a reason to die – however, Jesus wasn’t like most people. In fact, he was unique. He was the only person who never did anything wrong which is why he could pay the price for the wrong things we have all done in our lives. That’s not saying your current life is ‘bad’ but we would want you to have a very full, exciting and purposeful life.

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