Getting off at the wrong station

Have you ever got lost in life? Forget the ‘wrong turn’ but rather the wrong destination with no easy way to get back?

One night a woman was coming home late from work on the train. She’d done the journey thousands of times and knew every bump in the track, every stop and what time she’d arrive. It was late and she was tired, so she thought she could take a quick nap on the train. When she woke she realized she not only had missed her station but she’d have to wait a long time for a train to get her back

It was a cold Winter’s night and there were no taxis. She called her husband but the phone only had 5% battery remaining. The phone rang and rang then cut off. She tried again and again. Then her husband answered but she only had time to say she’d missed the station before the phone shut down.

She crossed over to the other platform. Nobody was there. The timetable was updated to say the next train was running 10 minutes late. She waited, and waited but no train came. Then the timetable was updated again to say the last train was cancelled.

She considered walking to the nearby village but it would be a cold and dark walk. It was her only choice. When she got there all the lights were off and nobody was awake.

The ending is yours

This story is for people who wonder what it’s like to have an addiction. There is no happy or sad ending to his story yet. We all want it to end happily but we don’t know. Sometimes it is possible in life to simply find yourself somewhere with no easy way back.

Things may not even be your fault, or maybe if she’d just said the name of the station she was stuck at then her husband would have collected her.

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