Are all religions the same?

Walking home with a well-educated friend, I was surprised to hear him say ‘All religions are the same’.

I was walking home to catch the train with a friend who was a well-qualified lawyer.  He’d just finished working on a case which had asked him to take into account the background of the defendant. He said he doesn’t take into account someone’s own religious view as it has nothing to do with the nature of the crime.

As far as he was concerned, his job was the correct implementation of the law. This was to be based on the evidence supplied by his defendant.

I replied that what he’d done may have seemed right to him. My friend continued that in his mind, all religions are the same. I didn’t take the conversation any further.

Are all liquids the same?

But are all religions the same? Are they all nonsense – made up by primitive people trying to make sense of life? Are they all just ways to God? Are all of them true, none of them true – or is one of them true?

Saying all religions are the same, is a bit like saying all liquids are the same, or all sport is the same. With a limited understanding then – yes all religions are the same. There are some similarities. All sports tend to have rules, often a team, involve a ball and generally have a winner. All liquids ‘flow’ but if I asked you to put milk in your car and fuel on your breakfast cereal then you’d quickly notice the difference!

Doogle is not going to go into one religion versus another but rather say why there is a way to find God and have a purpose-driven life. We all approach life with our own experiences and point of view which can help or hinder us.

I became a Christian – not because of my background or experience, otherwise I would have been an atheist. Rather, a battle to find out the truth in a world which can make it hard. However, it’s not that difficult to come to the same answer and I hope is able to help remove the barriers to finding out the truth.

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  1. Good comparison. I used to think religions are simply a disease of the mind. I’m turning 40 soon and (after having 2 children) can help think there must be more to life. I’m not sure there’s any answers though. Surely if there was then everyone would know. Why would any loving god leave us in the dark?

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